Duorol Blinds Essex

About Duorol Blinds

Duorol blinds are a new concept in roller blinds that allow even greater light control, with a touch of style for great visual effect.

The Duorol blinds incorporate two layers in front of one another, each with alternate stripes of colour and mesh. As the blinds are operated the layers move in front of each other creating darkness or light depending where the stripes lie in relation to each other.

Essex Duorol blinds

If you are looking for Duorol blinds in Essex then you we can help.  With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and fitting custom made blinds, SG Blinds are your perfect partner for Duoroll blinds in Essex:

  • Visually striking for a different, bold look
  • vailable in a range of colours and sizes
  • Offers flexibility and light control
  • Expertly fitted to ensure a perfect look and great effect

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